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Are YOU an Email DORK?


Have you ever.......

  • Sent a message to mailing lists you keep on your computer?

  • Sent photos or movie clips to friends over the internet?

  • Sent attachments (enclosures) with your email messages?

  • Used your computer on the internet without an up to date virus checking program?


If so, you COULD be an email DORK and may have caused lots of problems for people to whom you have sent email.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you've probably caused some grief to all the people in your address book, as discussed below.

Enclosures can be a HUGE problem

Files attached to email messages can be a huge problem if they aren't used properly.

Document or graphic files can easily be 5 or 10 megabytes in size.

Most people aren't even aware of the size of the files that they are sending. All they know is that it's taking an AWFUL long time to send that message - maybe an hour or two. And they curse their computers, their ISP, and everyone else they can think of because it is taking so long.

And it's even worse for the people that receive their messages.

Unless they know what to do about it, their incoming mail is clogged up for maybe an hour or two until that huge attachment is downloaded. They can't receive anything else until your message has been downloaded.

The email system was intended to transmit short text messages, not for transferring huge amounts of data. Use it sensibly - keep messages short, and only send large enclosures if you have pre arranged it with the recipient.

Many companies and ISP's reject messages over a certain size, and your huge message won't even be delivered.

Do you have a current Virus Checker?

If you use the internet and don't have a current virus checker, it's highly likely that that your computer is running one or more programs that can harm your computer, and the computers of everyone in your address book.

If you have a virus or worm on your computer and use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as your email program, then it's almost certain that that you have unknowingly sent messages to your contacts and friends without your knowledge.

These messages have probably infected THEIR computers, and caused them to send out messages to people on THEIR mailing lists. This is how viruses and worms spread so rapidly. Almost all destructive programs spread by email are specifically written for Outlook, and do not affect users of other email programs.

Have a look at the software we use for suggestions about virus checking and alternative email programs.


6 Steps To Using Email Effectively


Here's 6 simple things you can do to use email more effectively, and reduce frustration levels for yourself and the people to whom you send messages.

  • 1. Use the BCC field when sending messages to your mailing lists. You could be breaking privacy laws if you don't. (...more)
  • 2. DO use plain text email to send out information about meetings or events. Sending out huge attachments is inconsiderate and just plain bad manners.
  • 3. DO be aware of what you are doing when you send pictures as attachments. If you send pictures from CD's that have been made from your photos, be aware of the file sizes involved. Sending and email with 5 megabytes of attachments can take an hour or so, and the person receiving the email will probably have to wait a similar time to collect your mail message.
  • 4. DO set your email program to collect only the messages under a size you specify - say 100K. Messages below this size will be downloaded quickly, and you'll be given the option of whether to download or delete any larger ones. This is a good way to prevent your mailbox from being clogged up by large files that you may not even want.
  • 5. DO get a good antivirus program that scans your incoming email attachments for viruses.
  • 6. DON'T send attachments to anyone without their knowledge. It has become normal internet practice for people to delete emails with unexpected attachments, because of the risk of installing harmful programs on their computers.

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