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A Simple Email Error That Could Make You A Law Breaker.

Mailing Lists & Privacy Breaches

Have you ever received a message which shows the names and email addresses of everyone to whom the message was sent?

If this list was sent by a government department or business, they have probably breached privacy legislation by distributing this list of addresses.

I once received a message from a firm of solicitors about a bogus virus warning. This email had the names and email addresses of the senders clients, colleagues, professional organisations, family, etc. contained in it. Potentially quite a serious breach of privacy, caused by a slip of the mouse.

It's easy to fix this problem when sending mail.

To ensure that people DON'T see the other addresses, put the addresses into the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field.

It's a simple thing - but one that has the potential to cause embarrassment (and potential legal action) if you get it wrong.



ALL of the addresses you put into the TO: or CC: fields of your email program will be visible to EVERYONE who receives the message.

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