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Email Services


Your mail will be handled quickly, and scanned for harmful content when you use WebAngel mail systems, which are a feature of all our web hosting packages.

Our email accounts come complete with SPAM and Virus checking at NO extra cost. 98.6% of messages on our systems are delivered within 60 seconds.
( Some service providers store your messages for hours before delivering them to you)

Many clients have reported significant reduction in the amount of SPAM and harmful email they receive since changing over to our systems.

"The SPAM reaching my Inbox dropped from over 200 per day to less than 10 after I started using the WebAngel email facilities"
M.B.V. - Sydney, Australia.


You will get a full range of email management options.

  • Forward email to other addresses
  • Bounce or delete mail from unwanted sources
  • Forward an incoming message to two or more addresses
  • and much more.


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