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E-Commerce Options


There are many options available to businesses who want to set up their websites to sell goods or services.

If the number of products and transaction volume is small, you won't even need your own merchant account or special security certificates for your website.


Lower volume, low number of products and options that don't change much.

You can use the facilities from PayPal.com.au or Paymate.com.au to add the sale items to your existing website. These companies will provide the secure shopping cart to take care of your sales.

More extensive shopping cart facilities are available at www.mals-e.com and the facilities here allow you to use many popular payment processors, as well as interfaces to real time credit card processing for your own merchant account.


High Volume, High number of products and options, Inventory Control


At the other end of the scale are larger database driven systems suitable for stores with thousands of products.

These can be can be updated online in real time, or have data imported from database or spreadsheet files.

These systems can keep track of inventory, calculate discounts based on various criteria, and calculate shipping to anywhere in the world based on number of items, weight, etc.

Webangel can help you determine your needs, and get your e-commerce store up and running.

The best way to conduct high volume e-commerce is by using your own merchant account, but this is not essential.

There are a wide range of alternative payment processors available. US based processors who accept Australian clients include:

PayPal, Worldpay, and 2checkout

An Australian company that provides similar services is Paymate.

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