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"Get An Angel On Your Team"


We provide basic advice about the email setup, website loading, etc free of charge to our clients as part of our normal user support.

However, many clients require additional advice which goes far beyond normal user support. We are sure that you will understand that it is impossible for us to provide specific, comprehensive advice on these matters for free.

Most small businesses don't have ready access to up to date internet information that affects their business.

The internet changes quickly. Practices that were acceptable a few months ago could cause you severe problems now.

We offer you these options to keep you up to date.

An Angel At your Service.

This is a mini consultation session where we provide you with verbal or written advice on specific matters relating to the internet needs of your business.
(Please check out our advice section - your query may already be covered there)

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion during normal business hours.

If we can resolve your query quickly by phone, there will be no charge.

Otherwise, we will negotiate a price to provide you with the advice you need.

NO RISK TO YOU: We offer a full refund if our advice is not what you expected. (And in 4 years of operation, nobody has ever asked for one!)





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