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Beware of ISP trial CD's.

Have you ever been tempted to pick up one of those CD's containing offers of free internet time?

If so - think before putting it into your computer. It could cause you many problems.

I was called by a friend recently who had used one of these disks on her computer. Without even asking for permission it had installed a new browser, new email program, destroyed her email address book, and left her with a machine that was totally unusable because it was too old to properly run these programs.

In my opinion, these disks are a menace. As well as making major changes to your system, most of them brand your web browser with the logo of the service provider so you have to look at it all the time.

They also set up the opening screen of your web browser to their home page so you have to look at more of their advertising material. Although this is easy to change many people don't know how to do it.

You only need to get three things to connect to a service provider.

  • 1. A local dialup phone number

  • 2. An account name to log into

  • 3. A password

The company will be able to tell you the simple steps needed to set up your computer to dial into their system. Using this method will leave your existing system settings and programs intact.

If they won't give you this information, I'd suggest finding one who does. (And chuck the Trial Offer disk into the bin, or use it as a drink coaster.)


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