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New Domain Name Expiry Rules

ICANN (the global body who oversees domain name registrations) has come up with a new system to manage domain names that expire. It has been adopted by Verisign / Network Solutions - the registrars for all US based domains.

Under the old rules, your domain name and email would stop working if it expired. For many people, this was a wake up call to renew it. Pay the money, and you are back in business.

If you didn't renew it after a certain period, the domain registrar would delete it from the registry and it would be released into the open market. If nobody else wanted it, you could re-register it. If someone else had registered it - too bad.

Under the new system, when a registrar deletes the name from the registry it goes into a new status called "Redemption Period".

The original owner then has to pay a fee ( set at a maximum $US 85 by ICANN) plus the renewal costs to get their domain name back. However, people who have been in this situation advise that they have been asked for $US 200 to recover the domain name (plus the cost of renewal)

What happens after the Redemption Period is a bit unclear. The ICANN paper says that the names are then released for re-registration at normal prices. However, we have heard that Verisign intend to put them up for auction, where the minimum bid is $US 200.

AVOID THESE HASSLES AND EXPENSE: Renew your domain name on time.
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The actual briefing paper from the ICANN General Counsel is at http://www.icann.org/minutes/report-vgrs-rgp-consolidate-23feb03.htm

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