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Anti-Virus Programs

If your computer is connected to the internet, it is essential that it is protected with an up to date program that monitors what is being transferred in and out of your computer.

That virus checker that was installed when you got your system is probably useless unless it is regularly updated with new checking data.

Simple Rule for Anti Virus Programs:
If it hasn't been updated in the last 24 hours ago, IT'S PROBABLY OUT OF DATE!


Here's some programs that we have tried, and have found to work well.


We use this at WebAngel. It is produced by Computer Associates, and is based on the Australian developed and supported VET program.

My-Etrust $US19.95 the first year, and only $US9.95 for annual renewals - a real bargain. Unlike other popular anti virus programs (ie Norton) it does not use extensive system resources, and has never caused system lockups or crashes.
With the automatic update feature, it's really a program that you set and forget.
A free trial is available from www.my-etrust.com

AVAST - free for home use

As well as checking email for harmful content, this award winning program also checks data coming in from things like Instant Messenger, Kazaa, ICQ, etc. This is important, as harmful content is often transmitted by methods other than email.

This program is great for dialup users, as the regular update files are quite small. You only have to download the new entries - not the entire virus signature file.

We use AVAST at home - it's great. Download it at www.avast.com

AVG - free for home use

A popular checker that is free for home use is AVG, which is available from www.grisoft.com. It is efficient and works well, but attaches a promotional footer to your outgoing email messages.

Trend Micro - Instant checker

To do an instant scan of your system if you don't have a checker installed, pay a visit to Trend Micro. ands try their online virus checker. You have to download the checking program onto your computer, and this could take a while if you are on a dialup connection.

Many other anti-virus programs are listed at virusall.com/downprodav.html

Firewalls & More

A firewall is also essential on a computer that is connected to the internet.
Please visit webangel.com.au/info/software.htm for more information.
While you are there, try out the "Shields Up" service at www.grc.com to see if it is possible for hackers to access your computer without your knowledge.


Additional Protection Requirements.

While it is essential to have a fully functioning anti virus program on your computer, it is not sufficient protection from many types of common internet attack.

Learn about other dangers, and what you need to do about them.


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