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Common internet mistakes



Problem#1: Not Having your Own Domain Name.


If your business does not have its own domain name, you are sending a clear signal to other internet users.

And it’s not a very good one.

Using something http://users.littlepond.com.au/webangel/index.htm as a business website address gives many web users the impression that you don’t really take your business seriously.
Some will avoid dealing with you based on this one fleeting impression. Can you afford to be turning this business away?

You may already be aware of the advantages of having your own domain name , but were stunned when you discovered the prices charged by the large national providers.

The good news is that you’ll get superior service, and much lower prices from smaller companies.
Around $300 per year should get you quality webhosting and a domain name.
This small investment will be repaid manyfold by the benefits your business will gain.

Problem #2: Using your old email address if you own a domain name.

Many businesses with their own domain name still continue to advertise their old, ISP based email address instead of their own domain based email address .

Here’s why it’s a bad idea to use an email address like johnsmith@littlepond.com.au for your business.

  • It locks you into using littlepond as an ISP
  • It undermines your marketing, branding, and promotional efforts by giving free promotion to another company every time you give out your contact details.
  • It gives your business an unprofessional internet image.
  • You risk destroying all of your advertising and promotion efforts if the ISP fails.
    (Just ask any business that used OneTel or DingoBlue as their business email address)

If you have a domain name and are still using an ISP email address, start using your domain name to its full potential. Ask your web host how your domain based email has been set up, and check that it works properly.

Then use it at all times from now on.

Problem # 3: Your site needs “WWW” to access it.

Many hosting companies set up their systems so that www is needed in front of your domain name to access your website.
This is a problem, because many people leave off the www when typing in web addresses.
If your website needs the www prefix, they’ll get an error message – and assume that your site is not available. And move to the next supplier on their list.

Try your own website now. If it doesn't work without www, get in touch with your web host and get them to fix it. It's a simple technical adjustment, and should cost you nothing.

Dropping off the www also has some little known benefits when promoting your business
o In spoken advertisements, you can gain 2 seconds of promotional time if you don't have to say "Doubleyoo Doubleyoo Doubleyoo dot" before your web address.
o On posters, signs, and in newspaper advertisements where you have to work in a fixed width, you can make your domain name larger and more prominent if you leave out the WWW

has more impact than


Problem #4: Not Having full contact information on all pages.

Many people print out web pages of products, services, etc to read while they are away from the computer.
They make purchase decisions by comparing printed copies of your information with those of your competitors.

If your contact information is not printed on those pages, they’ll probably call your smarter competitors, who provided email addresses and phone numbers.

Please Note: Some web designers disagree violently with this concept, and feel that it "spoils the artistic look" of your web pages.
Remember that you're the boss. Decide what's more important for your business: the ability for clients to easily get in touch with you, OR the artistic feelings of your web designer.

Problem #5: Website Pages that Don't Print Properly

It's really frustrating when you print out several pages of a website, and the right side has been chopped off.

Don't let this happen to your pages. Make sure that whoever develops your website makes it easy for people to print out your pages in full.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.


Bonus Free Tip!

Domain names and email addresses are NOT case sensitive.

Capitalise your addresses where appropriate. Often it will enhance the readability of your website and email addresses, especially if they are long, or if the eye plays tricks with the lower case version.

KyliesHits.com is a much better look than kylieshits.com


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