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Your Business Can Be On The Internet in 48 Hours. Guaranteed.

In less than 48 hours, your business can have a professional image on the internet.


Everything's Included.

  • 12 months registration of your own .com domain name
    (Your own domain name is a basic essential for any business using the internet. Here's why)
  • 12 months business web hosting on our WA25 package
  • Email services with high quality Virus and SPAM checking
  • A web page with contact details for your business. This will be quite basic - but you can extend it at any time.
  • Assistance with setting up your email accounts
  • A 30 minute phone consultation to answer questions, help you with choosing a domain name, or to discuss other internet related topics of your choice.

Invest $467.50 in the 48 hour Internet package, and get a strong foundation upon which you can build up your internet business as your needs increase.


It's very easy to get started - Just call us at (03) 6231 4118 during business hours (9-5) and ask about the 24 hour package.

Selection of your domain name is a major decision, which has important implications for your internet activities.

We strongly recommend that you read our free guide to choosing a domain name so that you can get an appreciation of the issues involved, and perhaps select an available domain name before you get in contact with us.



    48 hour Package:
    No Nonsense Guarantee

    Your .com domain name, website and email facilities will be operational on the internet within 2 business days of your information and payment being received.

    If we fail to do this, your money will be refunded - and your domain name, website, and hosting will be available for your use free of charge for 12 months.


    Eric Graudins
    WebAngel Pty. Ltd.



Questions about the 48 Hour Package


Q: Who owns the domain name that is registered?

A: You will be registered as the admin contact.


Q: Can I renew this package?

A: Yes. You can renew the domain name and hosting annually for $356 per year. (inc. GST).


Q: What If I want a .com.au or other domain name?

A: The "operational in 48 hours" guarantee will not apply, due to additional procedures required by the domain registrar.

12 months registration of a .com domain is included in the cost. If you wanted to have a .com.au domain name (which runs for 2 years) a fee of $40 would apply if you did not renew this package at the end of the first year.


Q: How is it possible for WebAngel to do all this in 48 hours?

A: Many people (including us) can create a basic web page quickly - that's no big deal.

However, our secret is that we have full control over all of the different items that have to be connected together to create a functional website and email presence for you.

As authorised domain name resellers, we have direct online access to the major domain registry databases and can quickly activate most domain names and connect them to our systems.

We also have our own dedicated servers, and can set up your hosting and email accounts very quickly.


In fact, 48 hours gives us a comfortable safety margin. In many cases, your new domain name, email services, and web page will be operational much sooner.


Q: Can I get a website developer to replace my one page site with a more complex one ?

A: Of course. The one page site is intended as a first step in getting your business operational on the internet with top quality email and website capabilities.

You can leave it as it is, or change it to suit your requirements.


Q: As well as basic contact details, I would like to put more information on my one page web site. How many words can I use?

If you send us hard copy that we have to type in, we ask that you keep it to around 100 words.

If you send us text in an email that we can cut and paste, you can use as many words as you like.


You also have full access to your web site and are free to add as many pages and as much text as you like - up to the storage limits of your account. (Your WA25 account has a capacity of around 50,000 A4 pages of text)


Can I select the colours that are used on my one page website?

Yes. You can specify the colours for the Text, table, and page background colour.

A useful colour chart is at http://www.hypersolutions.org/pages/rgbhex.html
Just tell us the code for the colours you want when you talk to us. (or just use common names like black, red, yellow, dark blue, etc.) If you decide that you don't like the finished result, we'll change them to another colour.


Q: Can you add my business logo on my web page?

A: Yes - just email or post it to us, and we'll put it onto your web page within 24 hours of receiving it.


Q: I need a logo - can you create one for me?

A: Yes - this will cost from $75.00 depending on your requirements. Just call us and let us know what you need.

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